Jim Jasinski

Extension Educator The Ohio State University

Jim Jasinski is an Extension educator and current IPM Program coordinator of OSU and has worked on various aspects of pumpkin pest management and production for the past 20 years.

Vine Crops 1 - 1B, Comm CORE. Priv CORE

9:00 AM: Plant Pumpkin Decisions Affecting Pollinators - Jim Jasinski, The Ohio State University 9:20 AM: The Grounder, the Line Drive, and the Pop Fly: Fielding Three Very Different Vine Crop Diseases - Mary Hausbeck, Michigan State University


Soil Health - 1B, Comm CORE, Priv CORE, FUM

3:30 PM Is my soil healthy? Observing and assessing soil health indicators on your farm - Julie Grossman, University of Minnesota 3:55 PM Fertility in the context of Soil Health - Allen Philo, BioStar Organics 4:30 PM Mustard over crops for biofumigation - Jim Jasinski, The Ohio State University 4:55 PM Experiences in integrating cover crops on a diverse vegetable farm - Jean-Paul Stewart-Courtens, Philia Farm