Jean-Paul Stewart-Courtens

Philia Farm

Soil Health - 1B, Comm CORE, Priv CORE, FUM

3:30 PM Is my soil healthy? Observing and assessing soil health indicators on your farm - Julie Grossman, University of Minnesota 3:55 PM Fertility in the context of Soil Health - Allen Philo, BioStar Organics 4:30 PM Mustard over crops for biofumigation - Jim Jasinski, The Ohio State University 4:55 PM Experiences in integrating cover crops on a diverse vegetable farm - Jean-Paul Stewart-Courtens, Philia Farm


Mechanical Cultivation 1 - 1B, Comm CORE, Priv CORE

9:00 AM: Stacking tools for better weed management - Eric Gallandt, University of Maine 9:20 AM: Balancing Weed Control with Soil Health: A farmer's perspective - Jean Paul Courtens, Philia Farm 9:40 AM: Q&A