Eric Gallandt

Professor University of Maine

Eric Gallandt is Professor of Weed Ecology and Management at the University of Maine. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Gallandt’s research has focused on ecological and physical weed management of weeds in organic farming systems. His guiding philosophy is that multiple stresses or “Many Little Hammers,” can offer improving and durable weed management outcomes. His current work aims to combine proven weed seedbank management strategies with advanced physical weed control tools to establish a virtuous cycle of improving weed control.

Mechanical Cultivation 1 - 1B, Comm CORE, Priv CORE

9:00 AM: Stacking tools for better weed management - Eric Gallandt, University of Maine 9:20 AM: Balancing Weed Control with Soil Health: A farmer's perspective - Jean Paul Courtens, Philia Farm 9:40 AM: Q&A