Randy Beaudry

Professor Michigan State University

Randy Beaudry is a postharvest physiologist working at Michigan State University (50% research, 50% extension) in the Department of Horticulture since 1989. Dr. Beaudry's activities focus on both practical and fundamental aspects of preserving the postharvest quality of fruits and vegetables. Specific areas of expertise include modified atmosphere packaging, controlled-atmosphere storage, the use of evaporative cooling in developing countries, the use of bioactive volatile compounds including 1-MCP, non-destructive quality assessment, postharvest disorder biology and control, and the biochemistry of aroma volatiles. Much of Dr. Beaudry's research is service-oriented and he works closely with the apple industry in Michigan, the international blueberry shipping industry, and a storage innovation program in India. Current emphasis for the Great Lakes apple fruit industry is placed on the development of storage protocols for the CO2 sensitive variety ‘Honeycrisp’ and evaluating the use of new 1-MCP formulations.

Apple 3 -1C, Comm CORE, Priv CORE

1:00 PM: Maximizing Apple Storability and What we’ve learned about bitterpit in Honeycrisp - Dr. Randy Beaudry - Dynamic Controlled Atmosphere (DCA) Storage: Maximizing Storability While Reducing Disorders - Bitter Pit Characterization, Prediction, and Mitigation in Honeycrisp 1:20 PM: Apple Tree Physiology - Dr. Todd Einhorn - New Thinning Strategies to Improve Apple Profitability and Predictability - Optimizing Tree Quality for Early Orchard Establishment - PGR Strategies to Reduce Bitterpit of Honeycrisp - Evaluation of Multiple Leader High Density Apple Training Systems, 2020