Scottie Jones

Executive Director/Farmer Farm Stay USA and Leaping Lamb Farm

Scottie Jones moved to her sheep farm in Oregon in 2003 from Arizona. She named it Leaping Lamb Farm. She and her husband raise lamb for market, grow a large market garden, and host guests at the farm stay they built in 2006 to diversify their risk and allow for a sustainable operation.

Because of the farm stay’s success, Scottie founded Farm Stay USA. in 2010 - a national non-profit trade association and travel site promoting working farms and ranches offering lodging around the U.S. In 2020, Farm Stay USA launched a marketing collaboration with a start-up booking platform, Yonder Global, to promote experiential vacations in nature, with a particular focus on farms, ranches, and vineyards.

Scottie’s background was not in farming. She has a Master’s degree in Medieval Archaeology and was an archaeologist in the UK and France for several years; she has an MBA in business; she was the Arizona franchisee for the British cosmetics company, The Body Shop; and ran Customer and Host Services for the Phoenix Zoo. While these prior experiences don’t appear to have a lot in common with what she does now, they all supplied experiences she uses today: pushing a wheelbarrow, photography, social responsibility, marketing, customer service, teaching, and care for animals.

Scottie wrote a book about her first years on her farm: Country Grit, A Farmoir of Finding Purpose and Love (NY: Skyhorse Publishing, 2017). She also wrote a children’s book about her donkey: Paco, the Dusty Donkey (Self-published, 2015). It is her mission now to acquaint Americans with the farm stay concept, what it is and why one would want to go stay on a farm. It is also her mission to help farmers start up lodging operations to improve their sustainability and increase their income.

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