Allison Justice

The Hemp Mine

Allison Justice graduated Clemson University with a Ph.D. in Plant and Environmental Science. After graduation, Dr. Justice joined the cannabis industry, teaming up with OutCo LLC., a vertically integrated cannabis producer in San Diego, CA. She pioneered industry research focused on controlled agricultural lighting and post-harvest production.

Currently, Dr. Justice owns and operates The Hemp Mine, a South Carolina based vertically integrated hemp company. In addition to farming 40 acres, The Hemp Mine supplies premium hemp genetics bred in house across the US. The Hemp Mine produces a wide array of consumer products ranging from smokable flower to topicals to tinctures of different concentrations for both humans and animals. These consumer products are sold in over 1,500 retail stores in the southeast.

Greenhouse 3 - Greenhouse and Controlled Environment Hemp Production

In this seminar, Dr. Justice will discuss considerations for greenhouse and controlled environment hemp production, including: propagation, vegetation, flowering, and postharvest handling. High level discussions will occur for everything from propagation to drying/curing.