Roberto Lopez

Michigan State University

Greenhouse 8 - Latest and Greatest from MSU Floriculture Researchers - 3A, 3B, Comm CORE, Priv CORE

MSU faculty will share the latest on their findings from research projects supported by the Western Michigan Greenhouse and Metro Detroit Flower Growers Associations. Learn about the effects of calcium sprays for Botrytis, production recommendations for succulents and caladium, effects of mulching for liverwort control, hemp stock plant management, bioreactors to remediate water runoff, and the impact of the 2020 MSU Trial Gardens internship.


Greenhouse 16 - Do High Tunnels Make the Cut for Specialty Cut Flowers: Top crops, Production and Handling Pointers

9:00 AM: Are high tunnels worth the investment and potential headache over producing specialty cut flowers in the field? Roberto will share research information on how timing, yield and quality of a wide variety of specialty cuts are influenced between these two production techniques. Lastly, he will cover how to prolong the life of these varieties.- 9:50 AM: Adding shrubs to your cut flower production extends your sales season, provides a long-term income stream, and can utilize areas of your property that may not be suitable for growing other cuts. Join us to learn which plants to choose, how to grow them, and how and when to harvest for maximum profitability with minimal effort. 10:40 AM: What does it take to start a cut flower farm? Dave show us how to create a viable cut flower operation in a smaller space with little startup expense the first few seasons. Learn how to avoid making the same mistakes others have made and hear about some time-saving tricks everyone should try. Topics covered will be useful for new growers as well as those with a few years of growing experience.